Service Success FAST

Service Success Friendships And Sales Training

Improve Your Services & Sales

The course consist of three(3) stand alone certified Stages. It provides 30 hrs of training & coaching. The course is self-paced, modular & flexible.

Stage 1 NICE
OSBC services  4hrs

Networking BRAND Event 4hrs

Interviewing 4hrs

Customer Engaging 4 hrs
Editing Surveys, forms & spreadsheets 4hrs

Stage 2 TEAMS

Training Tool 4hrs
Enhancement Teams 
START 4hrs
Assisting Finding & follow up 4hrs
Motivation Team 8hrs

Stage 2 GAMES

Graphic, Web page building ads 4hrs

Advertising 2hrs
Marketing 2hrs
Event Planning 4hrs
Telesales 8hrs

Here are some of the service skills that everyone will understand as they complete the three stages.

  1. Service & success
  2. Goals opportunities & drive
  3. Time & multi tasking
  4. Responsibility 
  5. Networking & Attentiveness 
  6. Interviewing, 
  7. Asking questions
  8. Meditation
  9. Listening 
  10. Engaging customers
  11. Communication skills
  12. Positive language
  13. Patience
  14. Empathy 
  15. Willingness to admit flaws 
  16.  improve learning skills
  17. The sales process
  18. Presenting & 
  19. persuasion skills
  20. Selling skills