Build Rewards And Network Development 

Direct or face to face meetings are still the best way to meet.  Most  networking events, we tend to gravitate towards people we know, and don’t always get rewards to make new contacts and so  events often fail to deliver.

OSBC Offers Your Way Forward: BRAND Events & Speed Networking 

Brand Events
Your event can be a BRAND event where your participating customers can engage and then receive up to one hundred $50 discount vouchers.

What is Speed Networking Meeting & How Does It Work?
With all  participants in pairs, participants will network face-to-face 5 minutes session. After the end of each session, participants will quickly alternate their arrangements to pair up with their next networking opportunity. This process will continue until all participants have interacted with each other. (Like speed dating).

Participants will share their business cards, history and offer new contacts valuable information about their businesses or recommendations, a good client for them and book future meetings.

The questions you should have
Who do you know that might need these services?

Who has a similar client base and might like to exchange client leads with them?

Can you introduce them to anyone who can help them?

How might each company or recommendations do business or share with one another?

What information or items should you come with to the meetings and What should you bring?
Your appointment book, notepad, pen, business cards and fliers.

A description of what makes a good recommendation for your business.

Stories or examples of your recommendatiions achievements or satisfied customers.

A description of any assistance that you may need or can offer.

Create a 30-60 second pitch about your recommended business or service and what it can do for customers

What happens after the structured official SPEED NETWORKING event is over?
After the structured official  event is over, participants are encouraged to continue networking by contacting each other & booking appointments within a week of the event.

More Details
Meetings are recommended to last approximately 2 hours,

Ideally meetings should have 12 participants

They are given a $50 reward account

Each participant will have ten $50 discount vouchers to give to person they recommend

The OSBC Virtual Officers or sales persons will call & follow up with these recommendations to offer rewards.

As they join the OSBC or as the vouchers are used participant can earn rewards.

Refreshments are provided at the meetings

Details will be provided for each participant for a month in the recommended ads.

The details can be edited pages, add photos, maps, forms, links to their website. 

Prizes and give away will be offered.

Participants can become members of OSBC