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Secrets of Real Estate Investment

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Real Estate Planning And Prosperity

Short Sales Investing In Today's Real Estate Market!You have probably heard the term "short sale" but are not sure what it entails. The concept of the short sale is something that anyone can pick up if they so choose and learn with ease. This is all about negotiations and knowing which type of documents to submit to a lender. It is a concept that once learned, can change the way that you feel a...

Short Sales - Investing In Today's Real Estate

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What You Need to Know About Real Estate

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Real Estate Investing

All the Tips You Need For Buying Your First Home!

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Real Estate 101 - Buying Your First Home! 

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Table Of Contents:

Selling Homes in the World of Real Estate: Introduction 

What Keep Homes From Being Sold? 

Tips on How to Make a "First Good Impression" of Your Home 

Quick and Easy Ways on How to Sell Your Home 


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How To Make Your Home Sell

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How To Get TONS of Mortgage Leads

Are you one of those late night TV junkies? Have you ever watched one of those programs where they take people off of Blue Collar Comedy‚ dress them up pretty and tell you they are new millionaires? 

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House Flipping Basics


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Home Sellers Power Tips

Chapter Page

13 THE ...

How To Make A Fortune In Real Estate

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First Time Home Buyers Guide To Free Money And Low Interest Loans

How To Plan Your Estate

We're very lucky today to have Richard Austin with us‚ who is going to explain the estate planning industry‚ how his business runs‚ and how he addresses a very niche market. 

Richard's website is Estate Manual dot com. He also has another website called Drop Dead Organized. He also owns a publishing company called Estate Manual Publishing...

Dead Organized

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Buying Your First Home

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101 Tips For Selling Your Home!

101 Tips to Make Money Buying and Selling Real Estate 


General Real Estate Investing Advice 

1. Budget your time wisely. If your intention is to purchase a home and restore‚ repair or remodel it in a short period of time before re-selling the property‚ you need to pay attention to the time that the work on the property is taking. The problem that many fir...

101 Tips to Make Money Buying and Selling Real Estate