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Barbados Children Activities

Barbados Children Activities

Activities for children, to develop a well rounded...

Multi Media & Room Rental

Multi Media & Room Rental

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Relax, Renew & Regenerate The goal of meditati...

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Well Rounded Teen Contest


WRTC helps teens with life skills that can help them to be a success in life and help with studying, confidence, interviewing, networking, presentation & selling skills.

They will learn about  graphics, advertising, marketing, engaging and selling.

The program also helps them with goals, attitudes, motivation, enthusiasm and service.

WRTC participants take part in OSBC training, speed networking, interviews, presentations and building websites. Fun events karaoke, singing, dance and more. 

Participants can earn as they learn as they plan and host events. The winners of the contest will get prizes for them and their schools.

This training will take part over three weeks of the summer vacation on week days from Jul 16th 10am-3pm. 


Availability:  May 20, 2018 

Name: Online Seeker

Phone: 2464373783

    Published date June 15, 2017
    Tel. no: 4373783
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    Tel. no2: 8509965
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    Location: St. Michael, St.Michael, Barbados