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Barbados Children Activities

Barbados Children Activities

Activities for children, to develop a well rounded...

Multi Media & Room Rental

Multi Media & Room Rental

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Relax, Renew & Regenerate The goal of meditati...

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Meditation Two Mile Hill


Relax, Renew & Regenerate

The goal of meditation is to focus and quiet your mind—eventually reaching a higher level of health and inner calm. Meditation is an ancient practice, but scientists are still discovering all of its benefits. Neurologists have found that regular meditation actually changes your brain in ways that can help you to control emotions, enhance concentration, decrease stress, and even become more connected to those around you. It may seem challenging at first, but by learning the basics of meditation, you can begin your journey on the path of success and bliss. With practice, you’ll be able to achieve a sense of tranquility and peace no matter what's going on around you. 

Come meditate with us refreshments provided in our sessions joint meditation. Come join us.

Name: Online Seeker

Phone: 2464373783

    Published date June 22, 2018
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    Online Seeker

    Location: St.Michael, Two Mile Hill, Barbados