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OSBC improves service, offers sales training, services, rewards & events to help jobseekers, workers, investors, businesses, organisations & the community.

Service improvement by training
Use sales teams to sell for you
Make money from good service
Motivate others to improve service
Assist the community
Recommend good people & services
You earn by investing & recommending

OSBC earns by Investing & recommend people.

Invest $50 in a service and join the OSBC by

recommending ten people, get a $50 reward account, ten $50 rewards for the recommended people, get 10% rewards when they or their recommendations join or get rewards when they use their $50 rewards. 


Community Projects Include:
Well Rounded Teen Contest (WRTC)
The Service Improvement Rewards (SIR)
Singing & song rating contests

OSBC is Your Way Forward.. Join to be a SHARER i.e.

To Serve, Help And Reward Excellence & Recommend.