Bico Football and Pine Hill Dairy Netball 2019

Over the last few years, junior football and netball has made a resurgence in Barbados. The Barbados Under 17 team made the regional qualifiers for the CONCACAF Under 17 World Cup, while the Under 16 team won the 2019 edition of the Jean Pierre Under 16 held in St. Lucia. Notably, practically all of the players involved with those Barbados teams took part in the Bico Football Primary School and the Pine Hill Diary Netball competitions, the nursey of young talent in Barbados. As an example, 4 players from the conquering Blackman and Gollop Primary school in 2014 were a part of the winning Barbados Under 16 Netball team.


Fast forward to the 2019 edition of respective competitions and fans will be treated  to pulsating competitions starting May 10th, 2019 for the next six weeks as the young ballers from schools across the country will demonstrate their budding talents to all and sundry.  Seventy six (76) and forty nine (49) teams respectively, from the various schools across the island, will be seeking to dethrone the Grantley Prescod Memorial, defending champions in both the Bico and Pinehill competitions.   


The play-off round of matches is schedule for June 20th  and June 11th  for netball and football respectively. 


The usual enthusiastic support from school mates, parents and supporters are sure to encourage these young players, and we trust that this will be done while indicating that all is required is for the athletes to do their best. The National Sports Council encourages also respect for all officials and thanks the longstanding sponsors for their support for these young charges.


The Council looks forward to another year of highly entertaining and successful competitions and notes that all players, coaches and school officials are indeed winners as they promote unity and team Barbados. Wishing all teams the best!