Contracts are offered for specified services to sugar industries outside of the  Caribbean. The Station offers up to 30 WISBEN sugar cane varieties per year for trial to the recipient. Payment for this service is made based on the average sugar production calculated from the three years prior to the signing of the contract. It is possible to include the provision of seed from the crossing programme in these contracts, but this is negotiated separately.

Once a contract is established, WICSCBS staff can make visits to contracted members, but the expense of these visits must be born by the member.

The WICSCBS offers a limited number of clones capable of high biomass yield, high fibre content and medium Brix with potential for sugar production, fuel alcohol or to enhance the cogeneration of electricity. 

For breeding purposes only, clones with very high sucrose content are available. These clones are intended to be used as parental material in a breeding programme.

Consultancies can be provided to individuals and companies based on mutually agreed terms and conditions after the signing of the memorandum of understanding.

Specific terms and conditions of the contract can be obtained by writing to:

The Director
West Indies Central Sugar Cane Breeding Station
St. George
Barbados, BB19073 

Telephone: 1 246 433 1308
Fax: 1 246 433 5568