The distribution of fuzz from our 2008 crosses to our affiliate members was completed in January 2009. Furthermore, the export of varieties to our members for the year was completed in March.

The WICSCBS was able to negotiate and secure four (4) new contracts thus far this year: one (1) with Nigeria; two (2) with Nicaragua; and a 3rd with Panama. The Station welcomes our new members and will provide them with our usual high levels of service. (Interested companies and/ or persons can join our team by following the directions outlined on our website).

The West Indies Sugar Technologists (WIST) Conference 2008 was successfully held in  Montego Bay,  Jamaica from April 21-25. 

In March 2008, Dr. P. Seshagiri Rao retired as the director of the WICSCBS. Dr. Rao served the Station deligently for 40 years (joined in 1968). We wish him and his family the very best in the future.

In April 2008, Dr. Anthony Kennedy was appointed as director of the WICSCBS. Dr A. J. Kennedy is a well known plant geneticist/ breeder and has over 23 years of experience at WICSCBS.

At the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development,  Barbados and the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in 2004, WICSCBS was awarded the FAO Silver Medal for its outstanding contributions to the sugar cane industries in  Barbados and the rest of the  Caribbean.

In October 2003, the WICSCBS received a plaque from the Central Romana Corporation Limited ( Dominican Republic) in recognition of the WICSCBS invaluable service in the success of the  Central Romana sugar cane variety breeding and development programme.